Cupcake Menu

Chocolate Mint – Chocolate mint infused cupcake with chocolate mint frosting.

Pralines and cream – Vanilla cupcake under buttercream frosting with praline pieces.

Macadamia nut white chocolate — Vanilla cupcake with macadamia nuts throughout topped with white chocolate frosting and white chocolate curls.

Vanilla bean – Moist cupcake with vanilla beans throughout and vanilla bean frosting.

Rocky road – Chocolate cupcake topped with peanuts, chocolate chips and marshmallow frosting.

Chocolate/peanut butter cups,PB frosting or Choc frosting – chocolate cupcake with peanut butter cups throughout and on top of the frosting.

Italian cream – Delicious italian cream cupcake (coconut, pecans) topped with cream cheese frosting, toasted coconuts and pecans.

Niffy – Pink lemonade cupcakes with pink lemonade frosting. (Named for a little baby girl who gave a good fight and lived for 30 wonderful days.)

Sweet Potato,cream cheese – This cupcake tastes like Thanksgiving! It has everything a pie would have and a cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet,cream cheese – An old southern favorite topped with cream cheese frosting.

Georgia Peach – Peach flavored cupcake with plump peaches throughout, topped with peach frosting.

Strawberries and cream – Strawberry cupcake with strawberry infused buttercream or cream cheese frosting.

Cookies and cream — chocolate sandwich cookies baked inside of vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and cookie pieces on top

Banana – Moist banana cake with banana buttercream frosting, walnuts optional.

White/Yellow/Choc — (These basic flavors are always available to order)